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CyberWorld is a market-leading blockchain technology company. We are building blockchain infrastructure and applications for new economic systems that are more open, efficient, and secure. We enable developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to build next-generation applications, launch modern financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web.

We are building the digital economy of tomorrow.

Co-founded by Wyman and Hannah in 2022, CyberWorld is headquartered in Singapore with a team of over 100 leading technologists, creators and innovators, and backed by top transformational tech investors.



There's a place for you. Just take your pick.

With the awakening of data sovereignty, relation is reconfiguring in a decentralized way. We make it possible for everyone to mint NFTs to represent proof of their friendships. Welcome to join Era and to drive a disruptive Web3 sovereignty movement.

Decentralized Identity

The DeFi world is at an incredibly exciting moment in its adoption cycle. The time is ripe for you to learn about the experience of first movers, the emerging opportunities in the DeFi space, and how best to start engaging. CyberUP shows the way.

Decentralized Consensus

A rare NFT collectible Bunny, cute Bunnies. Each Bunny is 100% unique and owned by you. Genesis NFT consists of 10,000 unique art pieces stored on the Binance Smart Chain as NFT's. We chose Binance Smart Chain for its cheaper and faster transactions than Ethereum.

Decentralized PFP

Cyberspace protocol is a decentralised, non-custodial, and community owned staking protocol. Cyberspace protocol aligns the interests of two user groups. Anyone can join the Cyberspace protocol decentralised node operator network and earn CC rewards from staking pool.

Decentralized Relationship

CyberGames is an all-encompassing hub for game. Its ecosystem features GameFi, Marketplace and Metaverse. CyberGames was created to discover effective ways of developing a platform that builds relationships with game developers, players, and investors all in one place.

Web3 Games

CyberDAO (CD) is the community that has naturally formed around CyberWorld. CD consists of CyberWorld token holders, CyberWorld Foundation members, CyberWorld ecosystem partners, and any other teams and individuals that contribute to developing CyberWorld.

Decentralized Autonomous

TD is the general name of CyberWorld Technology Association. CyberWorld will set up TecDAO at the beginning, and the Technology Association and CyberDAO will cooperate with each other to complete the situation that the DAO organization cannot be implemented.

Decentralized Technical

We are mining the next-generation internet protocol, Filecoin and making mining accessible to everyone. We build a highly efficient crypto currency mining environment and provide a streamlined system for you.

Decentralized Storage

At present, the meteverse is in the early stage of development, and the demand for infrastructure construction is relatively strong, CyberHash Metaverse Division has actively explored this field to provide users with better metaverse experience.

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